Professional Visual Solutions

Achelec Ltd provides and supports professional Visual Solutions for all market sector fields depending on customer’s needs and demands.

Achelec Ltd can provide and satisfy in the most efficient and professional way almost all types of needs and standards of Audio/Sound Solutions in the local market from Simple Home Cinema sound solutions to complex Multi-zone Sound solutions.

Our team is grouped by people who know and deliver of what you may need in the best possible way.

Projection Solutions

Vivitek/Sony Projector Solutions

Achelec Ltd is the Authorized Distributor of Vivitek Projector Manufacturers.

Vivitek is a leading manufacturer of visual display and presentation products. The company's extensive line-up of award-winning digital projection devices incorporates the latest innovations and technologies. The extensive line-up consists of projectors for home cinema, education, large venue and meeting room projectors. Vivitek was the first to launch a full high-definition LED home cinema projector and was among the first to offer the tiny but powerful HD LED Qumi projectors to the mass market consumer, as well as 3D-ready digital projectors featuring DLP link® from Texas Instruments.

Projection Screen solutions

Either it is an educational classroom, your living room, a big auditorium, a multi-function room or your shop Achelec Ltd can provide all kind of projection solutions (front/rear) in order to meet and satisfy your needs leading to best and optimum performance for any case.

Display / TV Professional Solutions

We can provide display professional solutions in the most efficient way in order to satisfy most possible scenarios and cases that may be to come through. Our experienced personnel is capable of overcoming under any circumstances the demands of the local and international market in the means of Visual Solutions.

Professional Displays

(Indoor / Outdoor) for Business and Commercial Purposes / Digital Advertising / Info Solutions.

TV Solutions

Web / Android / Smart / Commercial TVs

Indoor / Outdoor Wall Displays

For Commercial and Digital Advertising purposes Achelec can provide professional solutions for any case scenario and specific need.
Either it is a small business or an International Airport we know the way on how to elevate the business’ status and dynamics in max levels.