Audio Solutions

Professional/Home Audio Solutions

Achelec Ltd can provide and satisfy in the most efficient and professional way almost all types of needs and standards of Audio/Sound Solutions in the local market from Simple Home Cinema sound solutions to complex Multi-zone Sound solutions.

Our team is grouped by people who know and deliver of what you may need in the best possible way.

Home Audio Solutions:

  • Home cinema solutions and Multi-zone/Matrix Sound Systems for Residences.

Pro Audio Solutions

  • Multizone Systems (Audac) and Professional Sound solutions for Bars and Restaurants, Cafeterias, Shops.
  • Professional Sound Solutions for Hotels, Hospitals, Auditoriums, Theatres, Live Stages.

Business Audio Solutions for Conferencing Activities

  • Conference/Board/Training Rooms

Professional/Home Additional Sound Equipment

  • Analog/Digital Mixers and Power Amplifiers
  • Active/Passive Speakers for most of market’s needs
  • Microphones, Stands and cables for professional audio