SMART amp is more than a revolutionary collaborative platform.

SMART amp Factsheet SMART amp

smart-amp2SMART amp is cloud-based software that will run on internet-enabled devices using a modern web browser.

Specifically designed to meet the needs of its education users, it offers distinct teacher and student interfaces and enables teachers and students to:

  • work together or independently in a large virtual workspace where they can consume and create digital content
  • ask and answer questions to provide formative feedback and stimulate discussion
  • access, share, manage and collaborate on documents stored in Google Drive

smart-amp-logoSMART amp is more than a revolutionary collaborative platform. Created with the input of teachers from around the world, it’s born out of the pedagogical needs of today’s classrooms.

Through it, you can connect a variety of different devices to a single virtual workspace where students can work together and teachers can upload lesson material and conduct real-time assessments.